Health & Science Corner

Whose mouth is cleaner—a dog’s or a human’s?

Ready to find the answer to this age-old question? This video will guide you through an experiment to do just that. And, just so you know, smoking and spit tobacco make any mouth super yucky!
YouTube Video

Help someone you love quit smoking.

Smoking and spit tobacco are tough habits to break. That’s because the nicotine in tobacco makes it addictive. But with help, people trying to kick the habit are much more likely to succeed. Here are a few tips for kids to use when helping grownups kick that bad old tobacco habit.

  • Remind them that you want them to quit today so they’ll be around tomorrow.
  • Offer to take a walk or do something else whenever that urge to smoke strikes.
  • Offer to dial 1-800-QUITNOW, the Mississippi Tobacco Quitline, for them so they can get free help in kicking the habit.

Transform a soda bottle into a human lung!

Smoking turns lungs from healthy pink to yucky black! Learn more about how healthy human lungs work by building your own working model.
Make A Model Lung Video

Learn more about the human heart.

Your heart is a wonderful thing. Did you know it beats about 100,000 times a day? That’s about 35 million heartbeats a year! And smoking affects the heart, too, by doing hurtful things like raising blood pressure and damaging heart tissue. You can learn how healthy hearts work by doing a few simple observations like these:

  1. Is there anything you eat or drink that makes your heart beat faster?
  2. Do some research on why exercise is good for your heart.
  3. Find out the best foods to eat for heart health. Salmon, walnuts and oatmeal are way up on the list!

Design Your Own Cigarette Warning Labels

Design your own cigarette warning labels. Have your friends rate each on a scale from 1 (least effective) to 10 (most effective). Which label is most likely to prevent smoking?

Analyze Movies for Tobacco Usage and Propaganda

Do a “content analysis” of 15 movies popular with your friends. What percentage of the movies includes scenes with smoking? In each, is it portrayed in a positive, negative, or neutral way?