Tobacco Facts

1. Smoking turns your teeth yellow.
2. Smoking makes your breath, hair and clothes stink.
3. Spit tobacco can give you cavities.
4. Smoking turns your lungs black.
5. Smoking makes it hard to breathe.
6. Smoking makes your heart work harder than it should.
7. Smoking and spit tobacco hurt your sense of taste and smell.
8. Young smokers suffer from shortness of breath almost three times as much as those who don’t smoke.
9. Smoking as a child greatly increases the risk of lung cancer later in life.
10. Cigarettes contain more than 7,000 harmful chemicals, including some found in bug spray, mothballs, battery acid and fingernail polish remover.
11. Nicotine is a drug in cigarettes that is addictive.
12. Tobacco is addictive. Once you start, it is very hard to stop.
13. Spit tobacco causes cancer of the mouth and gums.
14. Smokers lose an average of 12 years of life due to their addiction.
15. Smoking can cause cancer.
16. Secondhand smoke (smoke from other peoples’ cigarettes) causes coughing, colds, earaches and worsens asthma.
17. Nationally, about 50,000 nonsmokers die each year as a result of exposure to secondhand smoke.
18. Nationally, 280 children die each year from breathing illnesses caused by secondhand smoke.
19. Children can get sick from secondhand smoke (earaches, sore throats, asthma).
20. This year, tobacco companies will spend $185 million in Mississippi on ads and promotions nationally trying to get people to smoke.
21. 4,700 Mississippi deaths result each year from smoking.
22. About 550 Mississippians die from secondhand smoke each year.
23. $719 million annual healthcare costs to treat smoking-related illnesses in Mississippi.


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