About RAT

Here is the story

Roachie is a roach just like any other. Like most of his roach buddies, Roachie doesn’t hear so well. Which is why he didn’t know about the harmful effects of tobacco that Terrance had been telling everybody about. So one day, Roachie took a puff on a cigarette. Even though it tasted bad, he took another puff. And another. Before long, he was hooked on tobacco.

Terrance tried and tried to explain tobacco’s horrible effects to Roachie, but Roachie just became confused. Later, Sammie the Skunk passed by Roachie as he sat in a corner looking puzzled. Now, one thing you have to know about Sammie is that he doesn’t talk much. Instead, he communicates by using his sharp nose and his super sense of smell.

Being Terrance’s next door neighbor, Sammie always listened and paid close attention to what Terrance had to say, especially about that dangerous tobacco. And, he was able to communicate Terrance’s message in a way even Roachie could wrap his tiny bug brain around. Sammie pointed to a cigarette still smoldering in a nearby ashtray. The secondhand smoke coming from the cigarette was stinky! It smelled worse than Roachie had ever realized smoke could smell. That little lesson taught Roachie all he needed to know about tobacco.

Today, Roachie is still a little suspicious, always trying to steal Terrance’s peanut butter pasta. Sammie and Terrance, being that they are neighbors in the junkyard, have formed a neighborhood watch program. Together with the rest of their crew, they look out for would-be peanut butter pasta thieves, and most importantly, help keep their neighborhood tobacco-free!