About RAT

RAT® or Reject All Tobacco

RAT®, or Reject All Tobacco, is the only tobacco-free campaign in the country created especially for children in grades K-6. At this age, studies showed that kids love to get facts and “teach up” to the adults in their lives. RAT is geared toward giving them all the facts about big bad tobacco. RAT also aims to change children’s attitudes about tobacco before they reach the age of experimenting with cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

Our primary objective is to reduce the number of Mississippi children who try tobacco by teaching them about the dangers involved. Overall, this group is more receptive to the “health-consequences” message than adolescents. The purpose of RAT is to inoculate children against the allure of tobacco usage.

At the grassroots level, the centerpiece of the RAT program is the RAT Pack Show, a live troupe of singing, dancing kids led by a computer-animated rat named Terrance. Audiences get to rap along with Terrance and his crew as they learn about all the harm tobacco can do. The RAT Pack has performed for thousands of Mississippi youth over the course of the campaign. Overwhelming demand for the show has led to the formation of five RAT Packs, who, even as you read this, are carrying their fun-filled, anti-tobacco message to children across Mississippi.